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Carson City Preschool Now Open!

We are excited to announce our Carson City, Nevada child care center Small Wonders Early Learning Center is now open for business! Starting October 1st we began accepting clients at the old Little Feet Daycare location. License capacity at our new location is for 30 children leaving availability for several new full time students.  

Improved Carson City Daycare

Contact us today to schedule a tour to visit our newly remodeled daycare facility that includes all new laminate flooring, painting, furniture, toys and enhanced curriculum.  Providing a safe and clean learning environment for your children is our top priority and we're confident you'll be pleased with the improvements we have made. 

QRIS Rated Child Care

As a QRIS rated facility you can rest assured your children receive the highest quality preschool education and care to stimulate cognitive development which provides them a jump-start to their early childhood education. Some of the QRIS rating indicators include policies and procedures as well as a set of best practices intended to benefit the workforce, parents and children.  Child care centers are also graded on health/safety and teacher development.  

About Carson City, Nevada

We have been serving the child care needs for the Carson Valley area since 2008 and look forward to expanding our preschool business to the state capitol of Carson City, Nevada. In addition to providing a more convenient daycare location for existing clients we look forward to meeting the needs of a fast growing area.  Demand for quality child care in Carson City may have never been higher and we are up to the challenge of providing much needed relief to the community.

child playing outside at a daycare center

Small Wonders Early Learning Center

806 Randell Dr

Carson City, NV 89701

(775) 461-3173

Carson City Nevada Daycare Center
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